The Association, born in Spring 2007, supports all musical activities allowing professional musicians, whether they are Catalans of origin or adoption, to express themselves and flourish in our region.

Without exception and well beyond chamber music alone, the association offers its audience a wide range of musical genres, including lyrical art for which our Artistic Director has a particular fondness.

Having in 2010, created the “Musical Autumn in Vallespir®-Carrefour of the Arts”, the association continues to manage this Festival, of which this year is the 14th edition. Placed again under the prestigious patronage of Patrice Fontanarosa – with a rich and beautiful program chosen by Christian Papis, artistic director, everyone can therefore, in the diversity of aesthetics offered, have the pleasure of sharing some attractive musical pieces that respond and to their expectation and the requirement of excellence desired by all.

This Festival is now well anchored in the cultural landscape of the Pyrénées Orientales and continues to be supported not only by the Occitanie Region and the Departmental Council as well as the Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations of Montpellier but also and mainly by the Community of Communes of Vallespir , followed by many economic and cultural actors in our territory who also contribute, through their patronage or sponsorship, to the success and sustainability of this Musical Autumn in Vallespir.

May we all again thank all who support us  as friends, whether they are volunteer members or benefactors of the association.